About Me


Thank you for visiting Ordinarily Beautiful.

My name is SIEW. The full name is Siew Siew, but I am guessing most people would find it a challenge to pronounce.  I live in Singapore, a small beautiful country that has only 2 seasons — sun and rain.

I am married to my first love (truthfully!) and have 3 princesses between 7 and 16. Family always stay at the top of my priority, immediately after “me”. Yes, I am a selfish person. I believe in putting my oxygen mask first before I can do anything for my family. But don’t get me wrong, I’ll willingly put my life down for my husband and children.

For many years, I donned corporate suits and worked in corporate communication, event management and customer service. Education was the farthest away from my mind. Then I became a mother. Today, I am “Teacher Siew” to the children in my enrichment centre. It’s been almost 8 years and I’m still loving how I can nurture the young minds.

I live an ordinary life filled with beautiful moments day to day. Before you jump to any conclusion, no, I am not one of those “she has it all” type. I simply choose to look at everything moment as beautiful. I simply choose to believe.

Ordinarily Beautiful is where I blog about the beautiful moments — experiences, thoughts, feelings and even struggles at times to get a better grip of life. I write them because these are what make a life beautiful.

I sincerely invite you to join me in seeing an ordinarily beautiful life.  Mine and Yours.