Five Minute Friday: Whole

It’s Friday again!  Joining this fun activity of writing for just 5 minutes without any worry of making mistakes.

This week’s prompt:wholeLet’s Go!

I am not whole.

I have cuts and bruises on me. A collection from years of tripping and falling over my own mistakes. I have marks and scars on me. A reminder of the pain and loss endured in life. I have needles and spikes poking out of me. When I can no longer hold the stress that life throws at me. I have edges sharp as knife that can silence my child with a single stare. When I abuse my body with late nights and too many episodes of Korean drama.

No, I am not whole.

But there’s love.  Lots and lots.  From my husband who wakes up early to bring the children to school while I sleep in.  From my children who hug me (still) and do their best to ignore me when I’m in one of those mummy-ranting moods.  From my sister who cooks for me when I visit.  From my friend who takes a break from her work just to have tea with me on a weekday afternoon.  From my co-workers who support me through ups and downs.  From my students who greet me with a smile when they enter the centre.  From the many people in my life who have encouraged me and supported me in ways big and small.

Yes, there’s so much love in my life.

So no, I am not whole.  But my life is.




  1. So very true – our lives are bits & pieces which come together to comprise the beautiful life our God gives to us. I think this is my first time here so I am glad we were neighbors this morning at #FMF. Blessings!

  2. I’m thankful Jesus makes us whole and arranges all those pieces and fills our life. I enjoyed your post this morning. I’m glad I linked up near you at #FMF.

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