Five Minute Friday : Alive. In That Moment.

It’s Good Friday. And a public holiday in where I stay! No wonder I’m feeling ALIVE!

Here’s my 5 minutes today with Five Minute Friday‘s prompt.



Here I am sitting in the middle of a big green field. There is nothing between me and the blue sky directly above my head. No artificial concrete roof sheltering me from the wonders of nature. 

I look up. Clear blue sky, decorated with colors bursting from big and small kites of all shapes and sizes. Children are running about, showing off their boundless energy with laughter. Adults are standing around, finding a rare moment of connectivity with friends and family. There is so much chattering around me, yet I can hear nothing. Except the rustling of the wind. Except the gentle beat of my heart.

In that moment, I am alive. 



  1. I like your description of the scene. Sounds like a lovely way to enjoy a holiday and rejoice in being alive. Happy Easter! Visiting from FMF (#18)

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