Five Minute Friday: Surprise

The prompt for this week’s Five Minute Friday is:


Set your timer for 5 minutes.  Ready?


Motherhood came as a surprise.  A big one.  I was newly married and had totally no intention to become a mother so soon.  Yet after my honeymoon, I  found a small black dot in me which my gynae said it’s a baby. Surprise!  It was happiness and fear and uncertainty all at once.  I questioned myself then if I could really be responsible for someone’s life when I’m just starting mine. I surprised myself by deciding to accept this precious gift.

Since then, it has been a journey of surprising self-discovery. Aahh! I actually can wake myself up in the middle of the night just to breastfeed my baby. Sleeping less than 8 hours doesn’t kill. Oooh… I can make myself cook something decent so that my brood doesn’t doesn’t die from malnutrition. And hey!  I do have a strong sixth sense that tells me that my kids are up to mischeilf even when I’m in another room.  And guess what? I have the ability to cry without uttering a sound just so as not to let the girls know that their mummy is on the verge of breaking down. I have the inner strength to do what it takes to keep the family together. I can stand up back again and again after failing so that my children can learn what endurance and perseverance are. 

I am surprised by it all. 

15 years and 3 children later, motherhood is still surprising me. And I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t. 















  1. Motherhood surprises me too. It surprises me because of the courage and strength it draws out of me—I still wonder how I got up all through the night with my babies when they were little, night after night. It surprises me because of the gift I have in my children—the joy and the sorrow mixed together. Joy in seeing my children broaden and expand their wings becoming who God designed them to be. Sorrow in seeing them not always makes the best choices. Both joy and sorrow deepen me as a lean into God’s loving arms.
    Motherhood is beautiful—and surprising.

    My oldest will be 18 years old this year, and I am gearing up for a new stage of motherhood. Gulp. Yes, the surprises continue on.

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