Ways To Cool When Pissed

I like to think that I’m someone who can tolerate many types of people.  How else did I survive 8 years in customer service and 7 years in business?  Age probably plays a part too, and I find myself getting better year after year at not letting negative people affect me too much.  As a Buddhist, I believe that every unkind action and word will one day bring the negative karma back to the creator person.  When I get angry with someone, I’m simply punishing myself for someone else’s bad behaviour.  This often helps me put on a bright smile when that unreasonable customer is ranting away.

But then… once in a while, you will meet someone who has that amazing ability to press just your right button. Hard. And when I am successfully pissed off, I get. real. pissed. off. Like a dormant volcano that spurts ferocious mixtures of gases and rock capable of wiping out any life in its way.

When that happens, it takes me great efforts to switch out of those explosive emotions.  Why bother?  Well, I am a mother to 3 children, of which 2 are teenagers.  And guess what?  They learn from examples.  I’ll be setting myself up for great disaster if my children start to use me as an excuse for their own explosions.  So I have to explore ways of pulling myself out of the sinister spiral of being so angry that I’m pissed off that I in turn piss others off.

Over the years, here’s what I have found useful to rein in my monstrous side:

  1. Find a corner to hide. Because if I don’t, the pyroclastic flow that gushes out of me will cause permanent emotional damage to the people around me.
  2. Breath. Real deep. Real slow. Real hard. And definitely more than 3 times.
  3. Smell something nice. Diffusing Lavender essential oil does wonder.
  4. Listen to classical music. With the volume to the maximum that I (and my neighbors) can take. I’m not a fan of classical music but it has this magical way of bringing out my calm. My children know that when the radio is switched to the classical station, they should get out of the way.
  5. Write. Scribbling down all those mathematical symbols that I wish I can hurl at that person in his face. Or drafting a blog post about how to cool down when pissed off.
  6. Watch a show. Escape into a world that is totally out of reach in real life. Pretending for an hour or so that I am that pretty lady who’s living a totally dramatic life of riches and love.

So there.  My go-to list when someone pressed my button real hard.

What do you do when you are super pissed off?