Five Minute Friday : Morning

I got lazy last Friday and skip FMF, thinking that no one would notice. But oops! Someone did. And asked. That’s keeping me on my toes. 

So I’m in again today with my Five Minute Friday post. Hope you will hop on and join in the fun too! 

Today’s prompt: 


We Chinese have a saying: “Sleep early, Wake up early, the body will be healthy.” But alas, I’m never a morning person. I’ve lost count of the times when I resolve to wake up at 6am to jog, and when the alarm screams its head off I automatically slam its button and return to slumberland. 
My children have given up on me long time ago too. I guess. They don’t fantasize that their mum will wake up before the sun rises to make breakfast for them. That’s OTHERS’ mums. Not theirs. No, they wake up earlier than their mum, make their own cup of milo and eat bread with Nutella. Their mum is still fast asleep when they left the house. But thank goodness, they have a father who’s usually up before their mum. 

Oh I love mornings. Not that I don’t. But I like mornings when the sun is out and it’s bright and light. Too early, when all is quiet and dark, I just don’t… feel… the “morning-ness”. 

I’m weird. I know. 



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