Five Minute Friday: Quiet

It’s Five Minute Friday again!  Time to just write for 5 minutes without too much planning and thinking.

Get Set?


Quiet is something that I’m no longer used to.   It’s not that my children are noisy.  They are, but they have many moments of quietness too as they do a lot of reading when at home. And with all 3 of them away in school for at least half of a day, I do have many moments of quiet time for myself.

It’s that quietness inside me that I’ve grown very unaccustomed to.  So much so that when I find myself alone, I do not know what to do with those luxurious quiet moments gifted to me.  I would fidget.  I would try to do something to satisfy that nagging voice in me telling me what I should have done and what I have not yet done.  I would go grocery shopping, I would go in early to work, I would do the laundry.  Anything but face the quietness that has become so strange to me.

Yet I find myself yearning for it.  Deep inside my heart, I know I need it.  To be quiet at times and not do anything.  To just let my mind and spirit be still in the quietness.  To just enjoy being quiet once more.




  1. It can be hard to just be comfortably quiet with ourselves, can’t it? That happens to me, too. Well, and I have a toddler, so if things get too quiet, I wonder what’s going on that shouldn’t be. 😉

    – your neighbor at FMF

  2. We’re funny creatures aren’t we? We want the quiet but when we get it we don’t quite know what to do with it! Hope you find some good moments in your quiet today! Happy Friday to you! (FMF #31)

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