Happy Birthday to Me, Papa and Mummy. 

Dear Papa and Mummy,

It’s my birthday today. 

44 years ago, you must have been all tears and smiles as I bawl my face red. I was a cute chubby baby then, wasn’t I? You must have felt the same warmth and happiness flooding through you as it had through me when I became a mother myself. You would never have guessed that I will live through my life the way I had till now. And you would certainly not have known that you would be long gone when I turn 44.

Neither did I. And the regrets remain. Forever. 

But don’t you two worry, Papa and Mummy.

I’ve grown up (I hope). And I’ve learnt that life is a mosaic of tears and joy, hits and misses, gains and losses, gratitude and regrets. We face it and we accept it. And life goes on. It has to. But you both already know about these truths, don’t you? All these wisdoms that you didn’t had enough time to impart to me. 

So don’t you worry, Papa and Mummy.

I’ve matured (I hope). A woman who is far from perfect, but who tries her best to live every moment of her life. Who is giving herself grace when she fails, and permission to start over again. Who is giving herself grace when she loses it, and permission to cry her heart out.

That’s who I am today.  You will agree, won’t you? 

Your daughter.

With greatest Love.