This Night When You Want To Give It Up

 “Quit.” The voice keeps nagging. 

“Give it up. It’s not worth it.”  It sounds so right, so convincing, so tempting. You want to obey.  Because the heart is shedding tears of pain and exhaustion. It struggles to get rid of those overwhelming pressures and stress that keep you up all night. You want the tears to flow, but the body and mind are are so tired that the tears can’t even roll out of your eyes. 

Everything you have worked so hard for seem to be so far out of reach. Again. Just when you thought you are a step closer to the destination, you are pushed back a few steps. Again. 

I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.” ~ Unknown.

Maybe that’s why. You are just trying to be strong, when you are not. You are just trying to be good, when you are not. You are just trying to reach the place that you can never reach.

But you know you have to keep on trying, keep on pretending, don’t you? You know you have to keep on smiling, keep on putting a brave front, don’t you? You know you have to act as if everything is ok when everything is not, don’t you? 

Because you can’t just give it up. For your sake. For their sake. You can’t. No matter how much you want to.


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  1. The feeling of exhaustion is not a sign of weakness, not a sign of trying to be strong when you are not. It is a sign of challenging and stretching yourself, a sign that you have done more than what you could previously. It is a sign of muscle building, of strength building. And when you have recovered from your exhaustion, you will feel a sense of achievement and pride!

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