Five Minute Friday : Time

It’s funny how things just come together.

I log into FB and see this week’s Five Minute Friday‘s prompt : Time. The natural pessimist in me went “I’ve nothing to write on this”. And my eyes glanced to the next FB notification — a photo memory of many years:

And it instantly hit me.

Time. There it is.


Time is in her growing from a baby to a toddler to now a primary school girl. Time is in her smile, from the babyish giggles to the now heartily laughter at her father’s “nonsense” (as she calls his teasing). Time is in her tears, from the loud wailing demanding to be fed to now her tears of frustration as her friend decides to “unfriend” her. Time is in her chewing the baby board books to now devouring stories found in the library’s “7-9 year” section.

Time. There it is.

Time is in those restless nights interrupted with sessions of breastfeeding.  Time is in those anxious days when her fever just won’t subside. Time is in those hours gazing at her lovely face while she’s asleep. Time is in those moments when she hug me and say “I love you”.

Time. There it is.

Always with us, yet never actually there with us.



  1. This is so beautiful! As a mom of three, my oldest will soon be 14, I see too how quickly our babies grow and change. All the more reason to cherish our time with them. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and you always have something to say! Don’t doubt yourself! Blessings to you!

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