One Word For 2016


This is the one word that I have chosen for 2016.

A few major changes, in both work and family, took place over the past 12 months.  I ended up spending most of 2015 trying hard to keep my sanity and not succumb to all the stress that came along.

Now that the changes have taken place and daily life has more or less resume a steady rhythm, it’s time for me to build on those big rocks in life again.

Self Care.  I’ve always been a selfish person.  I believe that ME is the biggest rock in my life.  Yes, even above my husband and children. Because you know what, if the Mummy is not happy, no one in the family is going to have a good time…  well, at least not in mine.  Hence, I’m going to try and build a holistic self care this year.  I am super excited to be joining the Replenish 365 programme with Lisa Grace Byrne.  I hope to share more on this blog once the journey starts later this month

Marriage.  Someone once said “when the children are grown up, all you have left is that person you are married to”.  So I’m going to do what I can to make sure this man who I’m married to sticks with me till the end. CY and I used to spend some solo time every morning over tea and coffee before he leaves for work. With his increasingly frequent business trips last year, however, this ritual has become difficult to keep up. This year, I’ll have to try to build in more together-time again.

Business.  For the past 16 years, career has never been on top of my list. It still isn’t. Between family and work, my choice is very clear. But with No 3 entering formal school this year, it’s timely for me to look into building my business a little further.  

Blog.  I started this blog few years back and has never been very diligent in keeping up with my posts. It has bug me for writing is something I enjoy, yet can’t seem to have the discipline to do it regularly. This year, I’m going to try to do this for myself  — to build this blog.  To just write.

I do not know how much I can “build” by 31 December 2016. But having a word for the year will certainly help me to align and focus. 

What’s your one word? 

“It will not always be summer; build barns.” —  Hesiod



  1. Hi Siew, I have enjoyed taking a peek at your blog. I enjoyed the read on your ‘About Me’ page. Build is a great word to pick for the year. Like you, my focus words for the year are growth and nurture. I am determined to grow in some areas of my life. While there is need to nurture all the spheres I have embraced and desire to see progress in. I will nurture my passion, build new connections and nurture them too et al. Cheers to blogging in 2016. 🙂

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