Choices. One Too Many.

Life is interesting.  To the extent of annoying. 

For one moment, life seems bleak with no signs of light.  You do not know where to go and how to move on from where you are.  You struggle. You agonize.  You painfully dig a path out hoping that it will bring you to the end of the tunnel. 

And after a long difficult journey, when things finally seem to start falling into place, when you finally feel like you can step forward, you are suddenly presented with many different choices.  Too many, in fact.  Choices that suggest you may be better off changing course.  Choices that suggest you may want to think again before walking further in the original direction.  Choices that make you doubt if what you have earlier decided on is wise. 

Maybe the mind is weak.  Thus easily changed.  Maybe the heart is unsure.  Thus easily swayed.  Maybe the thinking is unclear.  Thus easily clouded. 

So you hesitated.  You paused.  You wondered. 

But hey beautiful girl, whatever your decision is, however you will move on eventually, do not for a moment think that you are not worth it.  Or you are stupid.  Or you should give up.  Believe that you can do this.  Believe that things will work out regardless of what you choose.  Believe in the people who believe in you.  Because life is choice.  So believe, choose and go forward. 

Life is a sum of all your choices.  Albert Camus.