Today, I Choose Hope

Holding the pen, my heart was trembling. Like a student taking an important exam, with butterflies in her stomach, I inked my signature. There. Done. Signed and sealed. It signifies the beginning of an unknown journey. It means new risks and challenges ahead. There is uncertainty, there is fear, there is hope.

Many people around me have dissuaded me. They said it was not going to work. They said the risks are too high, the rate of success is too low, it’s not worth it. And I was shaken by them. I doubted. I hesitated. I questioned. I feared. I was paralyzed.

Then I ask myself: what would I say to my girls if they were me?

Would I plead with them to stay in their comfort zone? To give it up for the sake of security? Would I give them all the reasons why they should be fearful of challenges? Would I ask them to not try because it is possible that they may fail? Would I convince them that life is better off without risks?

Or would I “rah-rah” for them and urge them to just give it try. Would I tell them that we can never foresee what the future holds, but be brave and soldier on because we can never know until we try? Would I wish them to open themselves up to possibilities even if it may mean failure at the end?

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ~  Christopher Reeve

So I decided to choose hope. Because that is what I would want my children to choose.