Five Minute Friday : Brave

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Five Minute Friday

How timely this prompt is. I need exactly these two words as a self reminder. Because in a few days time, I will be speaking at a conference to almost 100 persons, most of whom are much more experienced than me in the topic that I’m going to speak about.

I’m so looking forward to it. Yet, I’m so dreading it, wishing that it will not come so soon. I’m honored to have been invited to speak. Yet I’m doubtful and fearful that I can’t deliver.

Not that I’m new to public speaking. In my previous job, hosting and giving presentations to foreign delegates was part of my duties. But this time, it’s different.

I’m sharing a personal learning journey. One that shows how inexperienced I am. One that tells everyone that I make mistakes — tons. So to be up there and speak? Yes, I need to be. brave.



  1. A vulnerable iron that is exposed to a mass of hot fire can then become a strong sword.

  2. I was just thinking to night about how I would absolute hate some kind of job where I had to get up and speak. But then I thought about it (and how certain personalities are predisposed to be good at different things), and found that everyone has something to share. Everyone has a story filled with mistakes and blunders, and successes. No one has it all together, and while someone may have more experience than you, they don’t have your story. Love the quote by Qiang. Sounds a bit like a Chinese proverb I’ve heard before.

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