30 Years

I was cleaning the ears for Princess No 2 when she said : “In 30 years’ time, I’ll be the one doing this for you.”. I did a quick mental calculation and casually replied : “I may not be around by then.”.

Seconds later, reality hit home. 30 years later, she will be 41 and I will be — how old?  Can I even last until then?

Which means that I may only have 3 more 10-years with my loved ones, or, depending on my karma, even less!

And here I am, spending my limited life span everyday — how?

Nagging at my children for doing a less-than-perfect job in tidying their beds.
Chasing after them to complete their homework, practice their instruments, pick up their books.

Beating myself up for a not-so-well-cooked meal.
Getting into a fit because the floor is not yet mopped and the laundry basket is overflowing.

Doubting myself because someone said or did something not so nice to me.
Telling myself that I’ll start to exercise tomorrow.

When I should be
– telling my children that I love them.
– giving them hugs and kisses.

When I should have
– let the mundane go and focus on living.
– accept that a little messiness will not do much harm.

When I should believe
– I am good enough.
– some things just cannot wait.

Because 30 years is probably all I have left.

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  1. You have probably heard it somewhere before – everyday is a present, that’s why it’s called “Present”. We live for our children, but let’s not forget living for ourselves as well.


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