Today’s Learnings for A Mum

Today, I’m “forced” to stay home alone with all the three princesses for the whole day. No. 3 was a little feverish, No. 2 has no school while No. 1 has only 2 hours of school early in the morning. I was telling myself: it’ll be a tough day (read – whining, screaming and shouting. Me, not them).

Miraculously, the day passes by in relative peacefulness. There was no sibling quarrels and I got sone work done. In fact, I even manage to do the laundry!

I learnt a few things today:

1. When it comes to housework, good is enough. There’s no need to be better.
I was very tempted to mop the floor since I’ve taken leave from work and is home the whole day. But I make do with just sweeping the floor. It’s clean enough and good enough. There’s no need to do better.

2. Computers and iPads are really good nannies.
In my house, computers are allowed only on weekends. The girls can play on weekdays only if it’s the school holiday and even then, they have to finish their assigned learning tasks first. Since there’s no school today, I allow computer time even though it’s a weekday and the holidays are not yet here. No. 1 and No. 2 have less time for squabbling and I have more time to get some work done!

3. It’s OK not to cook.
I had in my freezer a small portion of home-cook stew, which I gave to No. 3. The two elder ones and I “da bao” (takeaway) from the coffee shop downstairs. I convinced myself that one oil-and-salt-laden meal will not do them much harm, and they’ll have home-cook food for dinner since Thursdays are their “eat-at-Grandma’s” days.

4. There can be a few sets of toys on the floor at any one time.
The kids actually know how to segregate the toys even when multiple sets are on the floor at the same time. Most importantly, they pack everything into the right boxes by the end of the day! Which, honestly, is what I really want because I get upset when I see a toy in a box that it doesn’t belong. So there’s really no need to insist that one set of toys be put away before another set is being taken out.

5. Take it easy and don’t try to do it all.
This is not new but I’m constantly re-learning it because I always forget.


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