It Started with Essential Oil

FreeDigitalPhoto - essential oil

I was waiting outside Princess No 3’s ballet classroom one Sunday, minding my own business reading my book.  Then 3 mummies (whose girls are in the same class as mine) started chatting.  The topic of the day was : essential oil.  It turned out that one of the mummies was an expert in essential oils.  She even mixed her own oils to make blends!

Now, before you think that I am a super “kay-poh”, bear in mind that it is difficult not to overhear a conversation between 3 women (especially if they are mummies).  Unless you have your ear plugs on, of course. which  I didn’t. 

According to the essential oil expert-mummy, essential oils can do wonders from soothing a sore throat to healing cuts to curing respiratory problems.  Oh, but the oils must be of therapeutic-grade.  As this expert-mummy advised her new-found friends about which oil is good for what (peppermint is good for perk-me-up in case you do not yet know), I find my mummy-ego shrinking and shrinking.  Essential oil? The only oil that I know is the bottle of olive oil in my kitchen.  Sore throat?  Lozenges!  Itchy?  Tiger Balm!  Block nose?  Vicks!  The most organic thing that I have given to them is the Japanese organic pumpkin that I got from Cold Storage (and only because the non-organic ones are often sold in huge slices that are too much for my need!).  What have I done to my kids?  Have I ruin them?

Just as I wonder if I should not rush to the nearby shopping mall immediately to grab a whole basket of pure essential oils, I caught words of “eczema” and “asthmatic”.  The expert-mummy’s three kids suffered from these conditions, and despite taking medication for some years their condition never did improve.  That prompted her to search for something more natural and effective that will rid her children of their sufferings.

It dawned on me that this has always been the one thing that can motivate a mother to do something that she probably will never have interest in if she was single – her children’s, usually dire, needs. 

That Sunday, something click in me.  I am no expert in many things because I have the good blessing of not having a need to be an expert.  My children have good health, hence there is no need for me to research on any methods to make any long-drawn ailments go away.  Their school performance has been relatively steady, so there was no push for me to be an expert in their syllabus for the sake of teaching them.  Ah… enlightenment!

Finding peace once again, I finally returned to my book that day…

After-note: Few days later, I did buy a bottle of lavender essential oil that was said to promote good slumber.  No need to waste knowledge gained eh?