Second chance

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I feel ashamed and guilty.  In October last year, I said that I am (was) doing a weekly gratitude journal.  Half a year later, I am writing in this journal for a 4th time only.

I do have my reasons, mind you.  The kids fell sick, work was busy, there was just too many house chores waiting… you know the list (excuses).  Maybe you have gone through a similar list many times in your mind too, on something that you said you wanted to do but never did (or like me, started but did not follow through). 

But lucky me,  I have a chance to reflect.  I have a chance to re-work on it.  I have a second chance.  So here I am, writing a gratitude post again.  Not everything allows a second chance.  Not everyone has a second chance.  In fact, at times, not everyone is prepared to give themselves a second chance.

But I have and I do –  this time and on many other occasions in my life as well.  I fell and I was given a chance to get back on my feet.  I lose money but I was given a chance to earn it again.  I lost my cool but I was given a chance and was forgiven.  I made blunders but I was given a chance to learn and grow from them.

I am grateful for being able to pick up from where I left.  I dare not say that I will not slacken again.  But I am determined to try. 

So I count my blessing for having a second chance.