A Visit By Mr Virus And What He Shows Me About My Family

Recently, we had an unexpected visit by Mr Virus.  You know him — the one who came unannounced and brought with him gifts of fever, running nose, cough and sore throat.

CY received him first, rightly as the master of the house I guess.  Then it was me, Princess No 1 and Princess No 3.  Funnily, he didn’t take a fancy to Princess No 2 (thank goodness!). 

So the last 2 weeks had not been easy, especially for CY and I.  It is at such a time that I cursed myself for the decision not to have a domestic helper.  Sick or not, we still had to drag ourselves out of bed and make sure that the girls are being fed and taken care of.  You can imagine my relief when Mr Virus finally pack his bag and go!

However, Mr Virus showed me something about my family.  When things are going not so well, we stick up for each other.  

When Princess No 1 had a fever, the youngest ran to her and said “Jie Jie sick, must see doctor.” When it was her turn, the two elder sisters became cheerleaders in a bid to get her to take her medicine,  clapping and waving wildly with every spoonful of medicine that she swallowed.  Needless to say, CY and I had to take over each other’s role when the other one was sick. 

It warms my heart that my family is such.  We did not consciously tell the girls that they have to do what they did.  But they knew.  And that is enough to make up for whatever sacrifices CY and I had to make for this family.