Ready, Get Set, GOAL!

I know.  Half of January 2011 is gone, everyone in the blogosphere has written about their 2011 goals, and here I am – just setting my goals for the year.  So slow, you must be thinking.  But hey, this is the first time that I am actually setting concrete goals for a new year!  Better late than never, right? And I am Chinese — so going by the lunar New Year calendar, this is the last month of the year. Just right to be thinking about goals!

Recently in Remembering Who I Am, I listed down my top 5 roles.  Of course, there are many other important things but I know that I have to narrow my focus or else I will forever be living in chaos and fighting fire.  Hence, when I thought through what my goals are for this year, I tried to align them with those 5 roles.


The belief that I have to put on my oxygen mask first before everything else is not a new one.  I came to realize this principle the very day my mum passed away.  She was the traditional Chinese mother who would put her husband and children before her – always.  She never got a chance to pursue her dreams and after she left us, it hit me that such sacrifices actually were not good for the children (sorry, Mummy).  The thought that she had given her whole life to us and not having enjoyed herself before she passed away left an ever-lasting guilt in me. 

I am determined not to let my children feel the same when I move on in future.  I want them to remember me as someone who would make an effort to take good care of herself, and as a result was able to take better care of them.  On a practical side, and I am sure that many of you would have already read or heard this elsewhere — a happy mum equals a happy family. 

So back to my 2011 goals.  I want to:-

  1. exercise!  For starters, I have resumed my weekly yoga lesson (finally). 
  2. pursue a new interest.  I have always been interested in singing and dancing, but had never got down to doing it.  So this year, I am determined to enroll myself in a class.  Who cares if I shatter the glass the moment I open my mouth or hop, err… dance like a hippopotamus?!



Having being together for almost 20 years, my relationship with CY has lapsed into a (maybe too) comfortable zone. There are many times when we take things for granted and don’t communicate enough. Both of us being introverts by nature, having heart-to-heart talks about sensitive (but important) issues such as money, parenting views, family visions, etc. do not come natural to us. So I am making it a goal this year to try and improve my communication with him. Specifically, I hope to consciously make time to discuss through issues that are important to our relationship and the family.


Truthfully, I do not have any specific goals on this role yet. While there are many ideas swarming in my head, I guess I need more time to formulate it into a plan. But I do know that I want to be a Screamfree parent! OK, that’s too ambitious. I’ll make do with being scream-LESS. So to begin with, I am going to re-read Hal Runkel’s book and put the principles into practice. Good luck to me on this!

House Manager

Recently, I have been reading a lot about simplifying and de-cluttering. I am sold on the idea that the less I own, the less cleaning and tidying up I need to do. So this year, I am going to try to adhere to doing more with less (at least whatever I already have). Given that the Chinese New Year is round the corner, it is a good time to spring clean and toss out some of those items that have been accumulating dust in the storeroom.

Better organizing skills will also be another area that I want to look into. It just drives me crazy when I cannot find the things that I want.


For the last 3 years, I have deliberately limited the intake size as I wanted to focus on my pregnancy and the new baby. Now with princess no. 3 growing up and getting more independent day by day, it is time for me to invest more energy into my education centre. I will work on sharpening my observation skills and aim to achieve individualized instruction for every student.

So here it is — my road map for this brand new year. I may not be able to fulfill every goal that I have set, but whatever little/much I manage to accomplish by December will already be a step forward in my life.

How about you, my dear friend? Have you set your goals? If not, do it now. Ready? Get set and Goal!