My Children’s Parents

Sometimes I pity my children. They don’t have a pair of very interesting parents.

Mummy is not exactly creative when it comes to planning activities for them. She had reminded herself a month back to sign them up for some fun during the December holidays, but procrastinated. The holidays start tomorrow and nothing has yet been planned.

Birthdays are not made special with homemade birthday cakes and beautifully wrapped presents. In fact, Princess No. 1 just had her 10th birthday without any gifts from anyone! Her mummy’s brain was overflowing with (the kids’) exam-induced stress and absolutely forgot about presents! And unfortunately for the Princess, she has no doting grandparents or uncles or aunties to fuss over her birthday with traditional red eggs and toys.

The parents are no fun on weekends either. Saturday mornings are spent without the Mummy because she has to work. Sundays usually pass by mundanely as both the Papa and Mummy are too lazy to think out of the box for things to do with their children. When they do have some energy, it is spent on doing dirty laundry and cleaning up the pig sty that is supposed to be their house.

The list really goes on.

Sometimes, I wish that my children have better parents. They deserve it.