Gratitude Week 2: My husband


Boy n Girl

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 There are many things that I am grateful for in life.  But when deciding on which one to blog for my second gratitude journal entry, I decided that one of my greatest gratitude has to go to my husband.

I am married to my first boyfriend (no kidding!) — a boy I met in junior college.  He was not rich, tall, dark or handsome.  But he caught my eye — and heart.  Till today, I still could not fathom what attracted me to him.  Going by the Buddhist teachings, we must have some linkages to each other in one of our past lives.  

Our boyfriend-girlfriend status lasted for 10 years before we finally got married.  And we are now into our 10th year of marriage.  Yes, I have been in love with the same man for 20 years.  Yes, WOW!

My love life may sound boring, but I am grateful to have married a wonderful man.  I am grateful to him for:-

  1. loving his family and children.  I always accuse him of placing his work above everything else.  But I know that this family is of great importance to him too.
  2. his love.  He is not one to wax lyrical about his feelings, but I feel his love when he takes over the house chores, the changing of diapers, the laundry, …   
  3. being the ‘irritating’ Pa Pa.  When it comes to parenting, I am definitely the disciplinarian.  He is cheekier with the girls and hence provide them with a good balance — especially on my ‘dark-face’ days.  The girls will often roll their eyes and go “Paaa…Paaa!”, but I know they love him for his funny side.
  4. never imposing any expectations on me.  If he has an image of a perfect wife, I don’t know what it is.  He has never imposed his expectations on me.  I am imperfect in so many ways as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law, but he has never in our 20 years of relationship criticised me or tried to change me.
  5. being stingy on himself but generous to his family.  He is never into branded or fashionable stuff (OK, maybe except for the latest “i”-everything) but will not hesitate to fork out whatever he can afford to make the house more comfortable (as per my standard) or lessons that the children are interested in such as their art class. 

I believe that there are many many more things about him that made me feel grateful, although I may not even be aware of sometimes.  When it comes to our marriage, I have a feeling that I am the more selfish one – always demanding and expecting.  So I count my blessings for having him love me as he does. 

Thank you, CY.