The Start of A ‘Gratitude Journal’

I am starting
a weekly ‘Gratitude Journaling’ exercise. 

In the course of our daily struggles to cope with
the demands of work, children, spouse, etc., we easily get suck
into a ‘grumbling’ mode.  Why do I have to report to such
an incompetent boss?  Why is this customer so
unreasonable?  Why are the kids so disobedient? 
Why do I have to be the one to suffer / do the housework / take
care of the children?  Why me? Why me? Why

And of course we know how this ends.  I
have been through it.  I am sure you had

On such days, I find that thinking about what I
do have and feeling grateful for it helps me
switch out of this mode.  But I also find that it is not
easy to think good thoughts when we are already in that ‘Why me?’
state of mood.  Hence, I decided to start keeping a weekly
journal.  On any bad days, I just flip open it to help
remind myself that I do have abundance in

To start off, I am happy and grateful that I was
born healthy and normal.  I am not a beauty by any
standard, but I do have good health.  I have always
believed that this is due to a strong ‘foundation’ that my deceased
Mum had built up for me with her sumptuous Cantonese-style boiled
soup and all kinds of nutritious meals.  Compared to those
who suffered from illnesses big and small, I am blessed to be
healthy.  And in life, what else can be more important
than being healthy?