Ordinary But Beautiful

Ordinary but beautiful. 

That is how I want to be.  In my looks, in my thoughts, in the way I do things, in my life. 

I have always wished for an “un-ordinary” life.  When I was little, I yearned for a star-studded life — I wanted to be a movie star.  I would always pretend that I am the lead actress of my favourite shows.  After I entered teenage-hood, I realised that my physical looks can never qualify me for a superstar.  I then dreamed of leading a colourful life as a journalist who travels to different countries to write.  But I found out that real-life journalism (at least at that time) was not so romantic as I had imagined it to be.  (OK, that was just an excuse.  My grades were not good enough for the newspaper editors…).  Upon graduating, I turned my sights on getting a rich life.  Expensive hair-dos, branded suits, high-end bags… I tried to maintain a “I am a successful career woman” look.

Now that I am older, I am (I hope) wiser.  I now know that the extraordinary life is not for everyone.  I also understand that one does not need to be extraordinary in order to be happy.  In fact, it is often in the mundane day-to-day things that we can find the many beauties of life.  It is in the ordinary little happenings that we can find our blessings.  It is in the ordinary us that lies the secret to beauty and happiness — if we bother to look. 

So let’s not wait for something out of the ordinary to happen in our life.  Let’s choose to be contented, happy and beautiful now.  I want to be ordinary but beautiful in my life. 

What about you?