Finally, a full night’s sleep!

5 June – YF slept through from 10+ to 5+ for the very first time! It was the first time that I get to sleep through the night without any interruption since her arrival 15 mths ago!

I never thought this day would come but well, as all things do, it does.

In actual fact, she was latching on more for comfort to go to sleep rather than for nutritional needs. I was just her human-size pacifier. I was starting to feel exhuasted and knew that it was time to wean her off.  Initially, the plan was to do it gently and gradually.  However, a sudden turn of events led me to have to send off my domestic helper and be faced with the possibility of sending YF to a childcare centre before she turns 18 months.   

So I decided to be brutal and go for a total cut-off method. 

The strategy was simple.  I got hubby to help. He tried to get her to sleep (pat, rock, sing lullabies… whatever he could think of) while I stayed out of sight. For the first few nights, she cried her heart out. So did I, hearing her screams and agonizing cries. I was so worried that she would be traumatized. There were many times when I wanted to give in. 

I’m glad now that I didn’t. Although she still looks for me at bedtime, she is happy to just have me lie down beside her and let her dig my ‘qi qi’ (belly button). She will then fall asleep on her own. So far, thank goodness, there has been no sign of her being emotionally scarred by this whole weaning episode.

Hopefully, every night will be zzzzz without any night wakings for all of us from now onwards.

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